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Born in Haifa Israel, 1946

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

Lecturer at the Bezalel academy

of art and design, Jerusalem

"...I believe that Eisenstein’s hand is not led by his eye but by his ear which has learned to listen to “the spiritual resonance of the model”.

He belongs to this rare category

of visionary artists for whom meditation

leads to imagination, with the latter, inevitably plunging the artist in the bottomless dark light of creativity".


Arturo Schwarz

Meditation and imagination

"Echoes" 2004

In the process of meditative painting, once the initial sketching is completed, Eisenstein creates black and white images of nature and landscape, scenic re-evocations of his childhood. His paintings mediate between two opposing but nevertheless complementary concepts: the harmonious Western outlook and the traditional Japanese worldview which acknowledges the marks of passing time and the imperfections of nature. Light, a major theme in his paintings, initiates the artistic dialogue with the blank surface of the canvas. His paintings correspond in character with Far Eastern art, with a long tradition of brush drawings and Zen art. Eisenstein identifies the relationship between black and white as being the same as the conjunction of opposite and complementary; oblivion and remenbrance; the concealed and the revealed; between reality and illusion.

Avi Eisenstein

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